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Cold Press juicers, also known as chewing juicers or slow juicers, are the new technological device that offers extremely efficient high quality juices. It can process a wide range of fruit and vegetables compared to traditional centrifugal juicers. The best part is that these juicers have the ability to preserve the nutritional quality of fruits and vegetables as they don't produce heat. The juice extraction speed can be slow by 40-80 rpm and involves minimal oxidation, with consequent greater shelf life of the juice.

Points to consider before buying the juicer machine in India

Cheaper juicers are also less efficient at extracting the most juice from your products. You will end up buying more fruit and vegetables and in the long run you will spend more than the initial cost of buying a juicer. Investing in a premium quality juicer will pay for itself over time.

Nutrient conservation
The high RPM sucks a lot of air into the squeezing chamber promoting the oxidation or simply the breakdown of nutrients from your juice. If you've used a centrifugal juicer before you will notice that the end product tends to be too frothy and most models have a foam separator. Foaming is a sign of oxidation and with the centrifugal juicer you will get a shelf life of 24 hours just for this exact reason. This would not be a problem, however, if you are a type of juicer who should drink your juice immediately, but if you are the type of person who prefers to prepare the juice for a three day consumption to save time, choose a machine that will give you a maximum duration of 72 hours.

Easy to use
If you're always on the go, preparing your juice shouldn't take long. The juicers with lower parts and with a wider feeding chute reduce preparation and cleaning times to a minimum. Compact juicers such as vertical chew juicers and some centrifugal juicers are easier to use than horizontal juicers.

Easy to clean
Juicers without pulp expulsion are the most difficult to clean and the most inefficient at the same time. There is no point in buying a juice maker that will take longer to clean than to squeeze. Also consider whether a juicer is dishwasher safe, which will save you a lot of time.

Pulp expulsion
The entry level centrifugal juicers collect the pulp in an internal basket, like my first juicer. If you are squeezing in large quantities the external pulp ejection system can save you from the agony of constantly stopping your juicer, opening it and emptying the trash. The external pulp collection system allows you to continuously squeeze.

Squeezing speed
This would allow you to squeeze wider varieties of fruit and vegetables. Slower RPMs are designed to squeeze berries like mangoes, grapes, etc., while high speeds are good for carrots, beets, apples, etc.

Some juicers are not able to efficiently process green leafy vegetables and this is the case with centrifugal juicers, it is limited only to squeezing hard products, berries and citrus fruits. There will be no problem if your juicing recipes are more about hard fruits and vegetables since you can add small quantities of green leafy vegetables.

Juice extractors are available in different shapes, colors and different sizes. Compact juicers are ideal for those with limited kitchen space, are easy to store and probably don't have many parts to clean.

A model with a long cable will give you more flexibility, unless you have a power outlet near the counter, this would not be a problem.

Juice container
Most juicers come with a complimentary juice container designed specifically for the spout height to avoid splashing. If it doesn't come with a juice container, the juice can be a messy chase.

While this isn't an important factor, some people won't be happy with a very loud juicer. You won't want to wake someone up in the middle of your squeezing routine.

BPA content
BPA or bisphenol A is a toxic substance found in plastic that has been linked to several diseases including cancer. Although the FDA has published a report that BPA levels in plastic and cans are safe for food consumption, we still recommend choosing BPA for free over non-bpa products.

Some juice producers excel in customer service, while alt

The following are some good cold press juicers with excellent user ratings and reviews.

Kuvings Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer 

Kuvings belongs to the Cold Press juicer industry based in Korea. Cold Press Whole Slow Juicers work on the principle of squeezing the ingredients to extract the juice. This guarantees maximum nourishment, natural taste and flavor in the juice.

B1700 can easily squeeze all vegetables, fruits and green leafy vegetables. It comes with a wide mouth (76mm) which makes squeezing easy and fun.

This cold juicer is capable of producing nut milk with almonds, cashews and other nuts. It is designed to be slim and robust to look attractive in your kitchen. The product is made of BPA plastic for food use for longer life and hygienic juice.

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Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer

Anti-oxidize your body with maximum nutrients, vitamins, trace minerals, phyto-chemicals.

Dense juice with practically no air bubbles. Almost no oxidation, Stays fresh longer.
More Juice than centrifugal juicers and bone-dry pulp compared to any cold press juicer.

All plastic parts are 100 percent BPA free and made with the superior quality of materials: Auger is made up of Ultem plastic (Spacecraft material), Juicer bowl is made up of BPA-free Tritan plastic (-15°C to +85°C) , Strainers are made up of Stainless Steel 304 and Ultem PEI Plastic.

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Usha Nutripress (362F) 240-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer

The innovative Cold Press juicer Usha Nutripress preserves the natural taste and nutrition of fruit and vegetables by squeezing and pressing through its Cold Press technology instead of grinding like other juicers. Wide Mouth Juicer, contains whole and uncut ingredients and leaves no juice to provide maximum nutrition for your body. Its low temperature squeezing and silent operation extracts more juice, more nutrition and more taste from fruits and vegetables. The low temperature squeezing also increases the shelf life of the juice.

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Hurom HP-RBD12 150-Watt Cold Press Juicer

Hurom HP Series Slow Juicer, A glass of healthy juice in one go! Enjoy wonderful flavors and good health at the same time.

Compact size, full power. The HP Hurom series is suitable for any kitchen, even the smallest one. Thanks to the second generation squeezing technology, the ultra-resistant two-wing auger, the unique design and the powerful 150 watt AC motor, the HP series is an indispensable device for all health lovers.

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Havells Nutrisense 150-Watt Cold Press Juicer

Patented slow compression technology. A speed of 47 rpm which mimics the extraction of the juice by hand. Blender attachment. Milkshake filter in minced material. More nutrients, minimal oxidation. Easily extracts 75% more fruit juice, greens, green leafy vegetables, wheat grass, neus and soy. The Havells slow juicer rotates at a speed of only 47 rpm. Slow Squeeze technology uses an auger to squeeze juice (similar to how to squeeze an orange by hand) instead of destroying fruit and vegetables with high-speed blades like other juicers and blenders. The natural movement minimizes damage to the ingredients, keeping the natural taste and nutrition intact. An almost silent DC motor with a noise level of 60 db, works efficiently using only 150 watts of power, which means you can enjoy cold-pressed juice at home without the noise caused by juicers and traditional blenders .

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The cold press juicers do not have metal blades. Here the fruit and vegetables are first crushed and then compressed at low speed to extract the juice. Cold juicers are the best way to get fruit or vegetable juices that are richer in nutrients. These juicers conserve nutrients because no heat is produced during juice extraction.