Sunglasses are not just a matter of style, but these things should be taken care of, important factors to consider


Eye protection is very important. Protection must be ensured above all from UV rays. They can affect both the eyes and the skin. This is where sunglasses come in handy. In addition to moving in style, these have many advantages. Few things need to be taken care of to get these benefits properly.

1. Face shape

The first step is to decide what type of sunglasses frame you want. These vary from aviator to cat eye. From this you should choose the one that best suits your face. This is why you should first evaluate the shape of your face. Face shapes are mainly classified as square, oval, round, heart and diamond.

Square face

If you have a square-shaped face then you can opt for round-framed glasses. Opt for sunglasses with oval lenses and round frames. If you're looking for a bolder look, choose aviator or cat eye glasses. These people must say no to square and rectangular glasses.

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Heart face

Square glasses and cat eye glasses are suitable for these people with a flat forehead and pointed chin. You can also try rectangular glasses.

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Oval face

These people have characteristics that are the opposite of the square shape. With a long face, choosing oversized frames helps balance the shape of your face. Aviator, cat eye, aviator, rectangle, round, square, almost all frames are suitable.

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Round face

Opt for glasses with more corners and edges. You can buy rectangular, square and club-shaped glasses.

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Diamond shape

Frame shapes such as broline, round and oval are suitable for these people. Also opt for round style frames.

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2. UV protection rate

When purchasing sunglasses, make sure they offer 100% UV protection. Never confuse black lenses with more sun protection. Glasses with UV absorption up to 400 nm are available on the market. Check it out and choose.

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3. Let's take care of the lenses

Polarized lenses have glare reduction functions. Therefore UV protection is not guaranteed. But some polarized glasses are marketed with UV protection. Be careful when purchasing by looking at the label. Also note the color of the lens. You can purchase brown lenses for long vision, blue for an eye-protecting style, and yellow for low-light vision.

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4. Frame material

Choosing the right frame is as important as the lens. The role they play in the long-term durability of glass is enormous. The metal frame is easy to adjust. But these are relatively expensive and also not very heat resistant. Nylon frames are lightweight and economical.