Mangalam Campure Camphor Cone - Room Freshener, Mosquito - Insect Repellent

Mangalam Campure Camphor Cone - Room Freshener, Mosquito - Insect Repellent

Product description :

* CamPure from Mangalam's house offers you a range of products created by ancient knowledge for a modern lifestyle!

* Our camphor cones are perfect to be placed next to the bed, to hang in the closet, in the bathroom and in the car.

* Enjoy its refreshing fragrance as it repels mosquitoes and even retains your clothes.

* Unlike conventional products that are a fragrance or repellent, the CamPure camphor cone is both: it provides an UPGRADE PERFUME, REQUIRES MOSQUITI and even PRESERVES CLOTHING. The CamPure camphor cone does not contain fillers, additives or bases.

* The perfume spreads quickly to neutralize and remove unpleasant odors, protects you from mosquitoes - flies - insects and preserves your clothes from humidity and moth infestations.

* Hang the camphor cone by its elastic band in your home, office or vehicle. For the next 45 days experience a unique camphor-based fragrance that has the ability to keep you fresh and healthy. The product has a shelf life of 5 years when it is not open.

* The CamPure camphor cone is composed of an extract of the pine tree and is therefore a NATURAL and ORGANIC product. There are no harmful toxic chemicals such as DEET, PDCB, naphthalene or other potentially carcinogenic (carcinogenic) petrochemicals

* In most European countries, the aforementioned hazardous chemicals on which the most available fragrances / repellents are based are prohibited. Instead, countries use camphor which is known to keep diseases like malaria, dengue, H1N1, swine flu, chikungunya, yellow fever, etc. healthy. The CamPure camphor cone is also environmentally friendly.


* Camphor is a natural product present in the sap of some high altitude conifers.

* 100% active ingredient

* Deeper and more consistent perfume

* Camphor with the lowest impurities

* Micron size granulation

* Unique "Control Release" fabric

* For centuries camphor has been used to drive away insects and dispel unpleasant odors.

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