Jackshowshope Electronic USB Powered LED Mosquito Trap Killer Lamps

Jackshowshope Electronic Led Mosquito Killer Lamps USB Powered UV LED Light Super Trap Mosquito Killer Machine for Home Insect Killer Mosquito Killer Eco-Friendly Electric Mosquito Trap

Product Description

* The mosquito killer lamp is very easy to carry and use, very convenient at home or on the go.

* Effectively kill insects, mosquitoes, flies, moths and other flying insects within 20 square meters, which can be used in the home, patio, garden, courtyards, porch, deck, portable use as a camping tent or restaurant, hotel, coffee commercial use .

* It is simple to use just connect, press the button, it is a bug mosquito trap, the killer can work without noise!

* Can be used as a night light, saving energy, the electronic killer with a soft blue light at night is more pleasant and can eliminate all flying insects. Almost the noise will not disturb your sweet dreams.

* No more pesticides or harmful sprays. Useful insect zapper, it does not pose a threat to human or pet health and is ideal for insecticides that cannot be sprayed such as kitchens and hospitals.

* The USB Mosquito Killer lamp is a simple and safe solution to kill mosquitoes from inside and outside.

* This hygienic and mosquito repellent lamp attracts and kills mosquitoes without the use of smoke, harmful chemicals or dangerous high voltage equipment.

* This Smart Saver Advanced Home Decor looks at the mosquito killer with a beautiful and modern design to enhance ultraviolet rays and LED lights to attract the mosquito which all contribute to better killing effects.

* The built-in fan will continue to run once powered on.

Product Specification:

Product Dimension: 19*13cm

Weight: 400g

Nominal voltage: 220V

Rated power: 5W

For the trap to work effectively it should be placed far away from the fan and the room should be kept as dark as possible. Also, do not open the bottom tray immediately in the morning because the mosquitoes trapped inside the tray may fly out. Keep it running for 2 more hours so that the mosquitoes suffocate to death. This mosquito killer is extremely safe and hygiene. No high voltage current and no zapping sounds; eliminates mosquitoes quietly and safely. Safe to use 24/7 and may be used at areas with kids and pets. Features bright UV bulbs which flies find irresistible, and get attracted to the trap; the fan then sucks the flies inside and prevents them from escaping. The life of the UV bulbs is approximately 20000 hours. Perfect for indoors or outdoors. Can be used at home, office, kitchens, restaurants, schools, etc. For residential, commercial and industrial use. Perfect also for gardens, yards, pool area, etc. Effective for areas of up to 1000 sq. feet! Get rid of all flying insects and bugs without the use of pesticides or dangerous chemicals. Maintenance free and easy to use mosquito killer and Fly Killer; simply plug in the fly trap and watch your area become free of all pesky and annoying flies.

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