Classic Mosquito Net - Foldable, King Size Double Bed With Saviours

Classic Mosquito Net - Foldable, King Size Double Bed With Saviours

The classic mosquito net is easy to install and pop up instantly and automatically. The nets are generous in size which can easily adapt to any bed size ranging from a king size, super king size, double bed and single bed. The net has large zippers for easy entry and exit. The mosquito net has a soft fabric that has small holes that keep out not only mosquitoes, but also other insects and allow the air breeze for a comfortable and peaceful sleep.

* Available in different sizes

* King Size, Queen Size, Super King Size, single bed

* Accommodate 2 adults and 1 child in a double bed

* 2 side doors in the double bed

* 1 side door in the Signle bed

* The zip can be opened on both sides

* Free entry and exit

* Easy to open and configure

* Self-sufficient, requires no support

* Easy to fold

* Can be folded in no time

* Can be stored in a small bag

* Easy to carry anywhere

* Terelyne material

* Mesh sizes designed for optimal air circulation

* Small holes to keep mosquitoes away

* Durable mesh fabric

* PVC coated rod

* The net is washable

* Spring steel rod of the latest technology used

* The rod is corrosion resistant

* Blue border

* Pink border

* Purple border

* Red border

* Orange border

* Green border

* Customized taffeta is also available

* Does not require sprays or repellents

* Provide peaceful sleep

* Net Preventing insects and flies

* Save once loved by the chemical

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