Points to Consider before you Buy Air Cooler in India

Points to Consider before you Buy Air Cooler in India

Having a good air cooler makes the summer easy. Many people get confused about what type of air cooler to select. As people's purchase power has increased people nowadays are shifting towards Air conditioners. Even through air coolers have made the permanent place in the Indian household. 


  • Cost effective
  • Energy efficient
  • Eco friendly
  • Can keep windows open for ventilation when it’s working
  • Can also be used outdoors


  • Humidity can damage electronic appliances
  • Requires continuous supply of water for operation
  • Not suitable for people with respiratory problems

While choosing air coolers, you have to keep the following points in mind:

Type of air coolers
The desert cooler and the room cooler are the 2 types of an air cooler. Both types of coolers work the same way. But there are some characteristics that distinguish them.

If you're on a tight budget, an air cooler is a good option. It has a very low price compared to an air conditioner. Plus, it's perfect if you're looking for a temporary cooling solution just for the hot summer months. You don't need to spend as much money on installing and maintaining an air cooler as compared to an air conditioner.

Many of the best brands including Symphony, Kenstar, Bajaj, Kelvinator, Ram Cooler and Crompton Greeves offer air coolers of various sizes, models and capacities.

Fan speed
Air flow speed can be controlled using the fan control option. Most air coolers offer a variable speed control option, with air flow speed control options ranging from three to seven.

Automatic control
If you choose some of the higher end models, you may have the automatic control option. This control automatically shuts down the pump and motor after a certain period of time.

Water level regulator
The water level in the tank must be kept at a consistent level to ensure optimal operation of the air cooler. The flow of water through the inlet tube is controlled by this option.

Water level indicator
This indicator will let you know how much water is available in the tank. When the indicator shows a low water level, you can fill the water tank manually or automatically, depending on the model specifications.

Check if the air radiator has swivel wheels that will allow you to easily move the radiator to any place of your choice. If the appliance has no wheels, it may be necessary to invest in a trolley.

Cooling media
You can call the cooling medium or the cooling pad as the heart of the appliance. It absorbs water from the tank and when air passes through the cooling fluid, its temperature decreases, which allows the cooler to expel colder air. For optimal performance, the cooling pad should be made of quality materials that will not be damaged quickly. Most of the cooling pads are made of high quality cellulose and have a honeycomb pattern.

Cooling capacity
The cooling capacity of the air cooler is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute of air flow). So if you want an air cooler for a room size of 100 square feet, you should opt for one that has a CFM of 500.

Most of the best brands of air coolers offer a guarantee on their products. When purchasing the air cooler from an authorized dealer, you can get the exact details of the warranty period from them. You should also clearly ask retailers what types of repairs and maintenance jobs are covered by the warranty.

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