Most important factors which need to be considered while choosing the best Epilator in India

Most important factors which need to be considered while choosing the best Epilator in India

Hair removal is a personal choice, but many women prefer hair removal to waxing or shaving. The benefits of epilation can include longer lasting smoothness, as epilators pull hair from the roots - but the method is also painful. The following are the most important factors that must be considered when choosing the best epilator for women.

Epilators are available in corded or cordless models, with many offering the choice between the two. Most cordless epilators use two AA batteries, while the rechargeable ones provide 40 minutes after 1 hour of charging. Cordless models are convenient because they are so portable and you can use them anywhere.

Most epilators use a system of tweezers on the discs to remove hair from the root. The number of tweezers varies from model to model. Some have as many as 48, ideal for capturing long and fine hair. The less expensive models have less, about 9 or 10, with the 20 tweezer systems falling in the middle.

Speed ​​settings
Most epilators only have two speed settings. The slower speed is gentler on the skin, although it is not as efficient. It's probably best to use the slower setting if it's your first time using an epilator. When the skin and hair have become accustomed to the epilator, the higher speed will do the job faster.

There are several features that an epilator can have for smooth and painless operation. Like a razor, many epilators take the contours of your body into account in their designs. Many epilators have pirouetting heads that minimize skin irritation. Wide heads designed at an angle are also good, due to the way they affect the hair roots. Some features of the uniform design that raise flat hairs so that tweezers can grab them. Epilators can remove very short hair from the root, although you shouldn't let it grow too long. 3-4 millimeters is considered the "perfect" length and many epilators can remove short hairs up to 0.5mm.

Clean an epilator just like you would a razor. It is very important to keep the epilator clean, otherwise you may encounter dangerous bacteria that cause skin irritation or even infection. Many epilators have fully removable heads that slide under water. For added safety against bacteria, some epilators even include antimicrobial protection right in the epilator design.

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