Best ECG Machine at Low Prices in India : Reviews and Comparisons

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An electrocardiogram is a diagnostic tool that provides a reading of the heart rhythm. This technology can assist in the diagnosis of various heart conditions, such as heart attacks, chamber enlargements, abnormal rhythms and much more. This device is mainly used to check heart rate and competently evaluate whether or not there are abnormalities. Measure your heart's contractility to determine whether the heart is functioning properly or not.

ECG machines have become so comfortable and easy to use that almost everyone can use them. Some of the newer models can also give you advice on how to improve your health and provide you with test results directly on your smartphone or computer. I would recommend the following ECG machines.

SanketLife ECG Device

SanketLife is an ultra easy to use medical device, 98% accurate. It is able to take 12 ECG clinical leads without minimal or minimal training, therefore always keep it in your pocket and quickly check patients without technicians or infrastructures, no additional / recurring costs.

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Reviews & Features : SanketLife ECG Device

AliveCor Mobile ECG

Duration of recording: 30 seconds 
Registration through: chest-hand-arm or through hand-arm-upper body-arm-hand
Immediate information on the heart rhythm after the completion of the recording, 99 memory spaces, USB extension cable and USB plug-in, PC software for detailed display and evaluation, date and time / automatic shutdown, battery status indicator.

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Beurer ME90 Mobile ECG Device

1-channel ECG mobile device for recording heart rhythm: detects arrhythmia and various waveforms
Optimal heart rate monitoring via the Beurer CardioExpert software and app.
Particularly useful for people with increased health risk and history of heart attacks and / or strokes.
Simple operation / One button.
Record the date via hand / arm chest contact

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Reviews & Features : Beurer ME90 Mobile ECG Device

OPTA SB-007 Bluetooth ECG

Best in segment display, touch, chipset and working memory
Attractive craftmanship for material 0.69 inch oled touch screen, 16 million full color tft-lcd material
Real-time ecg monitor, heart rate monitor

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Reviews & Features : OPTA SB-007 Bluetooth ECG

Don't overlook used ECG machines; many times, practices consolidate or simply update their equipment and can sell older equipment that does not present any problems. When considering refurbished or used machines, look for vendors who offer a return policy or a statement that the equipment has been tested and is in perfect working order.

Buying an ECG system may seem like an overwhelming responsibility, but once the information is broken down and digested by the prospective buyer, the business is not that formidable. All ECG machines work the same way and have practically all the same components. By understanding what ECGs measure, how they are used and what options are available, buyers can shop with confidence.