What you need to know before buying an Electric Hand Blender in India

What you need to know before buying an Electric Hand Blender in India

An electric mixer has become an indispensable tool in domestic kitchens. Before they arrived on the culinary scene, the home cooks had to mix the cookie dough by hand, beat the egg whites or cream until their arms hurt and master the technique of kneading bread to ensure high loaves. But now, an electric mixer can do all those activities for you, and it will probably do a better job. Here's what you need to know before buying an electric electric mixer.

A manual mixer should be well balanced and comfortable to hold. A food processor should not be too heavy to be lifted in and out of a closet.

Type of beater
Look for a mixer that has wire beaters without the big center pole found on traditional-style beaters. Wire whips are easier to clean.

Some mixers have up to 16 speeds and some hand mixers have around nine speeds. We think three well differentiated speeds are enough. The slower the slower speed, the better the slower speed that prevents splashing.

Blocking of feed heads
You should be able to lock the power head of a mixer in the "up" position so that it does not crash into the bowl when the beaters are weighed down with the dough. You should also be able to lock it in the down position so that the beaters do not rise in the bowl when facing the stiff dough.

For manual mixers, a recess on the underside of the motor housing allows a manual mixer to sit on the edge of a bowl.

Brand and budget
In terms of manual mixers, most small household appliance brands produce them, and the performance of more expensive brands is not necessarily significantly better than cheaper brands, although more expensive models may have additional functionality or better design. Ultimately, the best advice is to choose the brand that you believe has the best reputation or the best quality product you can afford.

Ease of cleaning
Manual mixers earn points in this category for being much easier to clean than stand mixers. With food processors, you find yourself with many different pieces that you need to clean. Some accessories are dishwasher safe, but others will need to be hand washed after each use. Depending on the type of mixer purchased, you may also need to wash the mug by hand. And we recommend that you wipe the rest of the machine with a damp cloth to keep it clean after each use.

Noise level
Kitchen mixers will be noisy in every way. The manual rotating mixers will not be bad, but all electric models will make noise. However, some models are worse offenders than others, so if you are particularly sensitive to loud appliances, look for models that reviewers consider quieter than usual.

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Top 5 Best Hand Mixers in India

You can choose between two manual mixers: electric manual mixers and manual rotary mixers (sometimes called egg beater). With rotating models, a lever is used to mix. With electric manual mixers, all you have to do is hold the mixer in place while the movement is automatic.

On the spectrum of how much more easily a mixer can make your life, hand mixers fall firmly in the middle. They are faster and easier than mixing the dough by hand, but require more work and time than using a food processor.