Best Chapati Roti Maker at Low Prices in India : Reviews and Comparisons

Buy Top Brand Chapati Roti Maker Online at Cheap Rates in India : Offers, Hot Deals, Coupon Codes, Features, Product Specification, Pros and Cons

Most people start to blame the manufacturer Roti's apparatus when they can't create the right chapatis. It completely depends on your skills. Just like any other task, this too takes time for its expertise. So calm down and try to train for a while before returning the roti maker. You may feel happy afterwards, once you become a professional in making chapatis. You should consider the following parameters before buying a roti / chapati manufacturer.

Plate size
The plate must be in forged aluminum. Aluminum is well known for an equitable heat distribution. It must be coated with non-stick with some non-removable coating techniques in order to avoid the use of oil. Different sizes are available in the plate, but for the best size Roti from 8 ″ to 10 ″ must be selected.

Energy consumption
Your cooking surface should be able to reach 425ΒΊ F for the best result. The power factor depends on factors such as the size of the plate, the material used to cast it. On average, 750 watts are required for a 10 ″ plate and about 250 watts for coverage. It is also the main factor for many of us as excessive energy consumption can lead to high electricity bills.

Shockproof Roti Maker body
This is an important function you always look for. The shockproof body helps protect the person from electrical leaks. During the rainy season or wet weather, having a Roti Maker that conducts energy can be very dangerous. Although almost all Roti Maker manufacturers have started to provide a shockproof body, it is necessary to read the description before proceeding with one of them.

Non-heating handle
At high temperatures, you may feel burns while holding the handle that conducts heat through it. Just like any other tool we buy, Roti Maker should also have a non-heating handle that can withstand high temperatures without disturbing the manufacturer.

You can many new brands but I wouldn't suggest you go with the cheaper ones. Since in the end they will not be useful and you could end up blaming the Roti Maker machines. So always consider the machines of the best brands. They also provide a dedicated helpline number so that problems can be solved easily. I would recommend the following brands with good ratings and user reviews.

BAJAJ VACCO 900W "Go-Ezzee" Non-Stick Chapati Maker

The BAJAJ VACCO powered automatic Roti / Chapati / Khakra Maker powered with automatic cut-off function has been designed to ensure that the rotis you eat are light, fluffy and just like those you see in TV commercials, reminding you of your homemade chapattis .

The machine is light and easy to handle and in a few minutes it is able to create many perfectly rounded and inflated rotes. By using this roti / chapati maker, you are also saved from the hassle of having to roll the rotis / chapattis using the roller pin (belan), since this roti / chapati maker can do it in seconds.

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Prestige PRM 4.0 Roti Maker

It seems nice and fun to cook to make rotis soft and round every time getting the brand new prestige roti maker for your kitchen is the best decision you've ever made. With the non-stick base, you will make perfect, soft and round roti, every time. It is so easy to use that you will never go back to the old way. It comes with a demo cd for the guided use of the product.

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Sunflame RM1 900-Watt Roti Maker

SunFlame Roti Maker with unique quality The most reliable brand in the Roti Maker sector. Stainless steel body, durable non-stick coating, molded grip, bakelite handle, reliable heating coil, easy to use handle, easy to clean SS cover, non-stick ribbed plate, equipped with safety thermostat, easy lift handle, power indicator .

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Planet High Grade Stainless Steel Puri Press/Papad Maker

These Puri presses are equipped with a safety handle which makes Puri simple. 100% stainless steel product and easy-to-grip handle. It is durable, easy to clean and rubberized handle for smooth operation.

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Butterfly Handy Pro Chapathi Maker

Stainless Steel Body
Thermostatic Control
Moulded Plug
Bakelite Handle
Reliable Heating Coil

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Usually people buy a roti maker and they won't take the time to learn the details of how to use a roti maker. So they will make the rotis using it and they will come out less than ideal.

Some people also claim that making rotis using the roti maker takes longer than doing it on the tava. This may be true in the beginning, but if you do it a few times you can rotis at the same time it takes on Tava if not faster.