Best Sodamaker brands based on Reviews and Popularity in India

Mr. Butler is the top Sodamaker brand in India

Mr. Butler Italia Sodamaker

Mr. Butler Italia Sodamaker, available in a range of stunning colours, has been designed by IDEA Institute, Italy. Mr. Butler is driven by a simple philosophy to offer products that break boundaries, are beautiful in design with giving our consumers a simple, hassle-free and enjoyable experience every day. The Sodamaker enables you to make soda, sparkling water and soft drinks in a few seconds, without using Electricity or Battery.

Save money, save time, save space, save the environment and save the hassle! With Mr. Butler Sodamaker, turn plain drinking water into fresh sparkling fizzy soda within seconds! 

What's can add your soft drink flavours from brands such as Rasna and Tang to make your own fizzy soft drinks at home. You can also add fizz to your home made fresh juice or to any beverage that tastes better with soda.

The main features are :

No batteries or electricity required for operation, Features a CO2 cylinder for carbonating your drinks

Contains a 1-litre BPA-free PET bottle for preparing and storing soda and 2 replaceable CO2 cylinders

Colour: Black, Material: Plastic

Package Contents: 1-Piece Soda Maker Unit, 2-Pieces CO2 Cylinder and 1-Piece 1 litre BPA-free Pet Bottle

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