Best Skateboard for Beginners & Kids at Low Prices in India : Reviews and Comparisons

Buy Top Brand Skateboard for Boys, Girls and Adults Online at Cheap Rates in India : Buyer's Guide, Product Specification, Pros and Cons

Strauss Bronx FT Skateboard

Skateboarding is a type of sports equipment used primarily for skateboarding. Strauss offers you a quality skateboard. The brand new Strauss Bronx FT skateboard offers quality components combined with attractive graphics of great quality. No average product, equipped with the best carbon ball bearings for a smooth and uninterrupted skateboard.

Board : Anti-Skid
Length : 31 inches
Width : 7.5 inches
Wheel : Durable PU Wheels
Bearing : High Speed Bearing with High Quality Spacer & Screw
Truck Height : 2.2 inches

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Nivia 801 Skate Board

This pleasant-looking Nivia skateboard features artistic and iconic graphics on the board, which will surely impress you as you pedal it. High quality ball bearings have been used for the wheels to ensure a smooth ride. The unique and simple design of the skate deck gives you a good feeling under your feet. Being a traditional road sign, it is versatile and suitable for training sessions and hobby players. Overall, its wooden structure, shape, optimal size and design make it one of the best skateboards around.

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Oxelo Mid-Tattoo Skateboard


Sliding performance: ABEC5 bearings with 92A polyurethane hardness wheels, 54 mm diameter

Easy to handle: Board dimensions: truck tire 31 X 775 inches made of 92A polyene

Durability: 7-ply glued laminated wood panel, 50 percent Canadian maple aluminum truck

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