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A popcorn maker (also called poppper popper) is a machine used for pop popcorn. Since ancient times, popcorn has been a popular snack, produced through the explosive expansion of heated corn kernels. The following machines are popular in the Indian market.

Singer Health Corn 1200 watts Popcorn Maker

The Singer popcorn and snacker is quick and easy, it is very compact, durable, elegant and easy to use. The process of making popcorn is as fast as 3 minutes. Very quick and simple operation. Good for health as it works on hot air and does not contain oil. All the things you can do: popcorn, peanuts, cashews, almonds, soybeans, black chana, flavorings, rice hams, onion chips, jeera papad, normal papad, masala papad, breadcrumbs, gol gappe, sabudana fritters, french fries, rice fillets, sabudana, french fries, mecca papka.

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Prestige Popcorn Maker PPM 1.0

Features :

* Transparent Lid

* Multipurpose Lid

* Non-stick Coated Frying Bowl

* On/Off Button

* Voltage: 230V; Wattage: 800W

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Pigeon Popcorn Maker

No film marathon is complete without a bowl of popcorn. Bring Pigeon Popcorn Maker home and easily create delicious and fresh popcorn.

Features :

* Simple one switch operation

* Convenient and Easy to carry because of Light weight

* Pops faster than a Microwave

* Less Energy Consumption

* Make homemade popcorn faster than in a microwave oven without worrying about the energy consumption as this appliance consumes just about 1200 W of power

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