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Prestige Clean Home Poz 1.0 Ozonizer Vegetables, Fruits, Lentils, Meat And Sea Food Purifier

Clean with ozone purification technology: no more chemicals and pesticides, kill harmful bacteria, keep food fresh, deodorize meat and seafood, compact space-saving design, timer function, zero maintenance. It can be used for vegetables, fruit, lentils, meat and seafood. With Prestige Ozoniser as part of our modern kitchen, we may have health in our hands. It offers a very simple and effective way to purify the foods we consume every day ranging from cereals, meats, fruit and vegetables.

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Eps Automatic Ozone Vegetable Fruit Purifier With Touch Display Wall Mountable & Table Top

By using the ozon activated water purifier in the kitchen and bathroom, you can remove most of the unwanted substances in the water.

The ozone purification technology removes chemicals and pesticides from fruits and vegetables while maintaining its nutritional value, also restores the flavor and taste of food and prolongs its life. It kills harmful bacteria, germs, fungi and other pathogens. There is an automatic timer that allows you to preset the time from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on your needs

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Reviews & Features : Eps Automatic Ozone Vegetable Fruit Purifier