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Digital Spine V3 Plus Thermal Massage Bed Korean

Automatic thermal massage table Digital V3 Plus Digital V3 is equipped with the latest 3D spine scanning technology and intellegent, back lifting system, special breathing programs, automatic jade roller table for heavy duty, music system that relaxes your mind and body and feel fresh with this smart digital v3 thermal massage table. . Make the best gift to your family using the v3 digital massage table. With higher levels of acupressure intensity jade stone rollers. . The internal rollers will automatically scan the spine (measure height and measure the degree) ... it will work from head to bone in the tail with the best comfort zone of the breathing program. . The internal projector covers the pressure points by running between the points of the spine.

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Carefit Full Body Spine Jade Thermal Massage Bed 

Carefit comes with many advanced features for most relaxing therapeutic benefits. This bed has 9 jade rollers in the back rather than just 5 or 7 found in most other South Korean beds. Of these 9 jade rollers, one is specially designed for the neck region and another 2 are also intended for cover shoulder pain. There is another set of 4 jade rollers for the leg which make it a bed for the whole body, covering from head to toe. Carefit-5000 has a very elegant appearance and is a durable bed. It also has the automatic lift function which makes it very easy to get up and lie down on the bed, especially for older people. It also comes with the mp3 function through which you can listen to the desired songs using the USB drive supplied with the spa therapy bed.

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