Best Foot Air Pump for Cars & Bikes at Low Prices in India : Reviews and Comparisons

Buy Top Brand Analogue Foot Pump with Accurate Gauge for Cars, Bicycles & Footballs Online at Cheap Rates in India : Buyer's Guide, Product Specification, Pros and Cons

Michelin 12204 Analogue Single Barrel Foot Pump

* Compatibility: all cars, trucks, tractor tires

* Single-barrel analog foot pump.

* Unique moulted gauge which incorporates snap into adapter memory.

* Ergonomic rubber platform

* Dual display for psi and bar

User Rating : 4.3/5

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Diswa Bike Foot Pump with Accurate Gauge

Foot pump for bikes with accurate pressure gauge and intelligent valve head, pneumatic floor pump for high pressure foot with 160PSI aluminum body for bicycles, tires, motorcycles, cars, inflatable pools, basketball, soccer balls and more.

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