Best Electric Kettle available in India based on reviews and popularity

Prestige PKGSS 1.7L 1500W Electric Kettle(Stainless Steel)

There is more than 1,300 reviews about it.

It has a rating of 3.5 out of 5.

The reviews and rating indicate, it is a good choice.

It's approximate price is Rs. 850

1.7 Litre capacity

Stainless Steel Body

1500 Watts Power

Concealed Heating Element


Automatic Cut-Off and Keep Warm

The automatic cut off feature cuts off the power supply, when the temperature inside exceeds the desired levels. It protects the appliance from damage, making it safe and improves its lifespan as well. After cut off, it goes into keep warm mode, which will keep the water in hot condition.

360 Degree Swivel Power Base

Swivel Power Base allows you to plug it in any direction with desired jug handle position. Contact point will source power, only when kettle is placed on it. The kettle is detachable from its power base for convenient usage and portability. Cord winder can be used to shorten the length of cord as per the required distance from the plug point.

Single Touch Lid Locking

The single touch -lid locking mechanism ensures a quick seal to prevent steam from escaping and water to boil in no time. Thus making it energy saving.

Elegant Handle and Glass Lid

With durable and sturdy handles, the kettle ensures convenient use and safety while carrying and lifting it. The Elegant Glass Lid allows you to see through the entire process.

Power Indicator

This kettle has illuminated power indicator which glows when power is on and darkens when power is off.

Concealed Element

The concealed element makes it easy to clean as you can now spin your hands through the kettle easily. Also it helps avoiding corrosion.

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